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True Colors
By Jayne Chase | August 3, 2018

Pink Passion Play
Amanda Lindroth is known worldwide for her resort-chic style, which gives a nod to classic design and demos in-depth knowledge of...

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Stay Awhile
By Grace Beuley Hunt | August 3, 2018

How do you design a home for a family when you have little idea who that family will be? You appeal to where you are, of course, and, for Sara McCann, lead designer and president of...

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Art Talks
By Robin Hodes | August 3, 2018

“The Kiss Was Beautiful.” It’s a simple statement on a work by neon artist and cultural phenomenon Tracey Emin that hangs in the hallway of this showstopping Palm Beach home. It is switched on to glow at all times, not...

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Cool Down
By Grant Wilfley | August 3, 2018


On a lazy summer day after a swim, there’s nothing better than lounging in the pool house, reading a book, scrolling through Instagram or just taking a nap. This extraordinary pool house, designed by local interior...

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Coastal Cravings
By Drew Limsky | August 3, 2018


Tell me about a coastal memory from childhood that you use as a source of inspiration. 
When I was growing up, we lived inland and went to the beach for one week each summer. I used...

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Everyday Elegance
By Charlotte Otremba | August 3, 2018


Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, Tiffany & Co.’s new home and accessories collection examines everyday objects with fresh,...

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Natural Beauty
By Rhonda Reinhart | August 3, 2018

One of the first things you notice about Tierra Patagonia is that you almost don’t notice it at all. Situated on the shores of Lake Sarmiento, to the east of Chile...

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